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No Bugs, No Payment and More Capacity

Dear <$salutation$>,

It’s July, our verdant countryside is awash with colour as the farmers’ crops begin to mature, the wild flowers bloom and every green fingered gardener feverishly tends his own miniature Kew Gardens.

But as the British summer blooms, the UK’s population is set to soar.

But it won’t be through an influx of tourists wanting to holiday on our shores; what we’re talking about is an insect invasion.

Crack the critters

Bugs get everywhere – in fact over 20% of the total world food production is lost every year thanks to post-harvest crops being destroyed by insects, microbes and other pests. But foodstuffs aren’t their only target. These little menaces are transported in all goods including clothes and furniture.

Traditional methods of controlling pest have involved chemicals. But these tend to leave residues, bugs can evolve immunity and they tend to be detrimental to the environment. Therefore a solution is needed which eradicates pests, that they can’t evolve immunity towards and that doesn’t have detrimental effects to humans or the environment.

The solution is Ec02– a quick, easy, inexpensive and effective method which has no harmful effect on foodstuffs, is harmless to humans and doesn’t leave a residue.

Now for the science bit – with the goods placed inside the Ec02 chamber, the temperature is increased and the oxygen content is reduced and replaced with nitrogen. The result is a reliable 99.997% mortality rate of all pests (at all stages of development).

Anchor Storage has two large Ec02 chambers which are approved by the Soil Association as suitable for organic products.

For more information about the Ec02 process, call us now on 01 728 860 555.

The stamp of approval

Did you know we are the nearest Customs Approved temperature controlled storage facility to Felixstowe? So if you’re importing goods we will save you money because Customs Approved Warehousing means:

  • Only pay Customs Duty and/or VAT on goods withdrawn for UK distribution
  • Ease your cash flow by not tying-up money unnecessarily on Duty and/or VAT payments
  • Buy when exchange rates are favourable and when the price is right
  • Buy in bulk
  • Store your goods economically and securely until they are required for sale
  • Easily maintain your customers’ ‘Just in time’ requirements
  • Re-export without payment of Duty and VAT

On top of that, Anchor Storage can offer you a complete storage service including de-vanning, palletising, order-picking and stretch-wrapping. Not to mention a wide range of national and International Distribution including Export Consolidation, Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance.

To learn more about how our Customs Approved Warehousing can help your business, call us now on 01 728 860 555.

Bigger and better

Felixstowe is already the UK’s busiest container port and one of the largest in Europe. However with its expansion, it’s about to get even busier.

The first phase of Felixstowe South is on target to be operational in 2010, with the second phase expected to be operational by 2016. Once completed, the scheme will see Felixstowe South increase - by almost 200% - the capacity available at Felixstowe for the world’s largest ships to call at the UK’s number one container port. And that means a greater need for nearby handling and storage facilities.

So for further information about our comprehensive storage and warehousing services close to the UK’s largest and growing port, give us a call on 01728 860 555 or email info@anchorstorage.co.uk

Anchor Storage strikes back!

Don’t let those pesky flies win.

For more information about our Ec02 service, Customs Approved Warehousing and anything else in this newsletter, contact us here, or call us on 01 728 860 555. Everyone we hear from this month will receive our complimentary Ec02 fly swatter.

It might not be a light sabre, but it’s just as effective – may the force be with you.

Best wishes

Stephen Britt

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